About Dear Darling:

Dear Darling, started as a tiny printing business, with a bigger goal. The goal has always been to connect people. For real. Not through digital devices. Nadia is intentional about creating resources and opportunities for people, to connect to other people, face to face, or through handwritten notes and messages. Nadia doesn’t mind being called OLD SCHOOL, in fact, she is proud of it.

Our products are not mass produced. They are developed, designed, printed and distributed right here in South Africa. You are supporting a local family. A mommy and a daddy with four beautiful children, doing life in South Africa, just like you. Think of us as the neighbour down the road, wave when you drive past.  Connect with us, for real.

About Nadia:

Nadia Butterworth grew up in a creative environment where her mom exposed her to all kinds of art projects, and her dad taught her that if she put in the hard work, she can make anything work.

So Dear Darling has always existed in some form in its owners mind, but in 2017, it became a real job when Nadia’s husband and close friends encouraged her to go ahead with her latest dream.

Her Husband built this website. He is a techie and has his own business too

The Social Scientist

Things about Nadia you should know:

  • She loves and follows Jesus.
  • She loves her family, maybe a little too much!
  • She loves coffee, too much.
  • She teaches her kids that when we are doing something creative, there are no rules. Trees can be purple and cats can wear hats.
  • She is also a qualified physiotherapist.
  • She hasn’t consistently slept through the night for the past six years.

Nadia would love to know more about you too, click to complete this fun survey.

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